Building a web site with Google tools

It has been a long long time since my last post. My current work project has kept me busy for almost a year without being able to do much other stuff.

Recently I have to redesign our church web site (http://www.cbcsdwc.org). I need to find a way to complete it fast and more importantly, to keep the on-going maintenance work easy. The previous web site was created with PHP Nuke. I had also made a lot of customization to make it work with Chinese language. The problem is I cannot easily upgrade the PHP Nuke version as the custom codes need to change as well. After some thoughts, I decided to leverage the power of RSS and the various tools provided by Google and some other sites. The end result: the new site was built in merely two days and is very easy to update.

The tools used:
Google Calendar
Google Groups
Google Document

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